06 October 2011

Mini Mask

I'm working on a mini mask for my mini pumpkin.

How do you like it so far?

04 October 2011

Oral Roberts University - Nice Place

I went to visit the Oral Roberts University campus yesterday. It was very lovely and I found myself actually enjoying the peacefulness of the gardens which is unusual because the university sits directly across from WallyWorld and major traffic. The campus boasts the world's largest praying hands display which is truly impressive when you're standing beneath the sculpture.

It sort of puts things in perspective. No matter how big the prayers or the hands, there's always a God who is bigger.

03 October 2011

We're Doing Pretty Good Here in Tulsa

Can't complain about this city so far. Haven't seen a winter yet so the complaints we'll reserve for the snowfall.

In the meantime, I (Lynita) went to the Calvary Cemetery yesterday to have some moments of solitude and reflection. It was a great visit and I'll be sure to go often. Here are some shots I took from that beautiful cemetery.


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Marvelous Monday

I went outside for a bit today and looked for something interesting to photograph. I need to work on my exposure and f-stop settings so I experimented with a few lovely subjects. Enjoy!

02 October 2011

Blanket Walking

I took my blankets and scarf out for a walk today. It was so pretty outside!

What did you do today?