26 November 2011

I Spy Saturday

The house is a bit stuffy this morning so I took a walk in the back yard. I was strangely surprised at what I found.

It's rumored there's a groundhog in the neighborhood that chases the residents. I haven't seen him yet but there's still the chance of seeing him and some of his buddies. It's also rumored there's a red fox (with babies), an armadillo that sits up and begs for food, a few deer that nibble at your plants if you have them sitting out, countless cats and dogs from a neighboring apartment complex that is being razed (people leave their pets behind - I've never understood that) and several other animals that I've yet to discover.

Today, all I saw was plants. It's cloudy here and rainy so I had to snap fast and come in out of the rain.

Story of my life :)