12 April 2013

50 Is The New 50

Most people say that I need to act my age, get involved in the community, maybe run for local office.

I tell most people to give me dark chocolate (with chili), a glass of merlot and reach down to kiss my ass.

Acting my age isn't something I'm likely to do.  Life means something to me.  It means having fun being with my man, playing MMO's, Facebooking with my insane compadres in past crimes, keeping a low profile with my camera and keeping my fat foot in check on my turbo Mazda. 

I am who I am.  Deal with it, I say :)

Being an actor?  Nah, but if I did, I'd play a woman like Mags on Justified or, better yet, Jessica Tandy who said what was on her mind with poise, grace and humor and a bit of snark.

I can do snark pretty damn well.  I like snark.

What I'd really like to do is help women veterans like myself.  Some disabled (like me) and some that are not but all who are in need of some damn help.  The enormous spirit of a woman cannot be defined or placed in some kind of mold.  It is there - it is real and it needs to be respected.

Let's be straight about something.  I'm not saying every woman out there deserves respect.  Respect has to be commanded and some women don't think enough of themselves to command respect.

Demand respect?  I don't demand anything of anyone.  Just not the way of things for me.  But command it.  I'd better be on my damn p's and q's when I walk in a room and my actions speak for me.  My response and my handling of situations in my life is how I command respect for myself.  It comes naturally if I allow it to.

I don't like the spotlight but I am the center of attention in my own world.  I like that because the people around me are comfortable to me.  They fall in line with my way of doing things.  They offer me chances to explore and grow by introducing new ideas and new philosophies. 

They are my people.  They are my "50".