09 May 2012

A Jam Session With Avery

It was a great morning today.

Mike and I tried out the new Wolfgang Puck cookware he gave me for our anniversary and were pleasantly surprised at the completely even results. By that I mean normally my bacon is 1/2 burned and 1/2 raw because cast iron concentrates most of its heat in the center of the pan.

And because until my second cup of coffee, I seriously cannot cook. Ask anyone.

 Anyway, the bacon was beautifully fried and the cheese eggs smelled dee-lish! I reached for something sweet to spread on my toast and passed up the "normal" store-bought preserves and moved my hand to a couple of jars of Amish jams I had bought last week.

I had always heard that Amish jams would make a woman who can't sing belt out an aria from the sheer pleasure of preserves done right.  I don't even sing in the shower so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to this moment done right!

I couldn't wait for my first bite. I whined a little bit when I couldn't open the lids and pouted just right because Mike took pity on me, called me a "wimp" and opened my jars for me. *sigh* I just love that man of mine!

As I spread the sweet jam on my toast, my heart knocked on my eyeballs and said, "Avery would love this. I'll bet she never had Amish jam before, either." It was then, as I took my first bite, that my heart gave way.

Can you smile and cry at the same time while tasting the most perfect sweetness you've ever tasted? I don't do much these days without thinking of Avery and her Bucket List.  I'm 49 years old and it's been a mightly long time that I've stopped to examine my own bucket list. 

Didn't really know I had one till I met Avery. 

What's on YOUR bucket list?