15 May 2012

Wolfgang Puck Saved My Bacon!

Mama didn't get new shoes (ok, well, she did but not for my anniversary) but I got something just as awesome!

Wolfgang Puck cookware!!! and let me tell you, it makes the most perfect bacon.  I've cooked bacon for 49 years (well, almost 30 - toddlers can't cook, right?) and it usually ends up being nasty burned in the middle and raw on the outer edges.  Just awful!

This cookware is so completely different!

It distributes the heat all the way around forcing me to lower the temperature almost to LOW.  Then I pop the lid on and just a few minutes later, I have perfect bacon!  Cleanup?  A total breeze with just a scouring pad and nice hot water and BAM! no mess!  Better than non-stick surfaces because now I can use the stainless steel utensils that came with it.  No silicone here, baby!

I love bacon.  *sigh*

What shall I cook next?

I'm thinking bourbon chicken.....mmmmm.....bourbon chicken.

Maybe I'll throw in some bacon.

There's a thought.