16 May 2012

You're Blogging Me!

A friend of mine says the written word is a lost art.  "Nobody writes letters by hand anymore.  I used to get letters all the time.  Now?  An email that I might miss because a unknown logic says it's 'spam'".

"What were the letters about?"

"Oh, you know.  Weather.  Family.  Sickness. Throw in a recipe card every now and then to something that reminds you of homemade dishes that you may - or may not have - eaten growing up.  All homey-like goodness in every loop and line."

"Blogging does the same thing.  Only faster."

"Yes, but you can't delete what you say after you've licked the stamp and put it in a mailbox.  With online blogging and such, you can always go back and edit or erase whatever you meant to say in the first place.  You fool yourself into thinking that you're brilliant when all along you've just bullshitted not only yourself - but your audience, too."

"Why's that?"

"If you said what you meant the first time, there's no need to take it back."

Since I'm hanging on to every word being said, this is a clue to me that next time one of my explanations is regarded as iffy and someone says, "That's such a load of Blog!", I'll know exactly what they mean.

Photo by TateTwo Studios