07 December 2011

If Only In My Dreams.....

Man, I'm tired tonight. Didn't take anything to work with me so I didn't eat anything but had 2 cups of coffee. I didn't work many tickets but I did manage to make a few customers laugh. That was so nice.

For those who do not know what I do, I am a Tier 2 support technician contracting out to Level 3 Communications (although I don't work for them directly). I was hoping to be hired on but it looks like that's not the case. Mike and I both are disappointed as he sits just 2 seats down from me each night. We were hoping we wouldn't have to move again so soon and could make this place our home. It's actually pretty wonderful working with my husband and I hope we get the chance to do it again but next time, they'll probably put us on different shifts. It's rare in our business for husband/wife teams to be working together.

Anyways, we sit behind a computer all night keeping electronic transmissions going for large, global corporations. We test and troubleshoot circuits and work with the local Bell companies (Qwest, Verizon, At&t, Centurylink, etc). We help keep everyone's internet, wireless towers (cell towers), voice-over-IP, just about any service out there, really, up and running. We specialize in T1's and below but are working on DS3's and optical networks. It's complicated but rewarding.

All this beauty and brains with no formal college degree. I'm awesome :)

I'm homesick, though. It's been 20+ years that I've not had family around me for Christmas for longer than an overnight visit. I've missed out on a lot of their lives but, conversely, they've missed out on a lot of mine as well. I've had some pretty exciting adventures in my travels. :)

Lookit, I'm tired. I've Tweeted, FB'd and checked most of my email. I'm going to bed so g'night and *hugs*