05 December 2011

Morning Musings - K-cups, Kitty and Tanks

Nothing goes better with a good cup of joe than a good crochet pattern (one that actually makes sense), a morning of Pinterest and my cat playing with my hair. She's my stylist these days and the best one in Tulsa that I've found so far.

I'm really not having the best of luck with "stylists" in Tulsa. The ones I've met so far are either:

1. Too militant - just sit in your chair and be quiet while you listen to her rant about city politics.

2. Too scared - hair grows, honey. That's all I'm saying.

3. Nasty salons - junk in every nook and cranny and they smell bad.

4. Nasty stylists - I've got a Secret for you, lady, and it's in a little blue push-up tube.

But all is not lost. My stylist back in GA says I can come in when I visit. I wish I could have packed her up and brought her with me. That would have made for an interesting ride across America what with my bald-headed son and a hubby who only likes for men to cut his hair.

Ok, Kitty Kitty is done with her one appointment for the day and has hit the sack. Literally, it seems.

Awwwww...coffee....especially the K-cup kinds. So many varieties! We go for a slightly darker roast which sorta makes me tingle all over so I guess it's doing a good job of waking me up.

That, and Mike's tank battle.