30 April 2012

Home Sweet Home - More apartment pictures

There's something inviting about an adult-only pool area.
One of the many BBQ areas
There's about a dozen or so swings or bench areas to sit and read:
The back side of the complex next to the road/gate area (not my back yard area)
Another BBQ area - bring your own gas container
Community Herb Garden :)
A pond area - apparently they haven't clean it out for the summer yet:
The road entrance to the complex
Side road that leads to the back gate. The neighborhood beside us is filled with duplexes that look like ranch homes. An elementary school and more private ranch-style homes built in the 50's.
Garden patios where people grow all sorts of plants, tomatoes, strawberries and many other items.
Back of the Clubhouse/office
Walkway to the pool and tennis court (only one but hey, that's all you need, right?)
Why don't you come visit and sit a while?