23 April 2012

Home Sweet Home - New Apartment Pics So Far

We moved into the new apartment this weekend. I'm exhausted. Mike is fried and the oldest son and his two moving buddies are sore as all get out. Those guys did a fantastic job of getting us moved in. So, here are the new pictures of the apartment so far. I walked the grounds a little bit today but still haven't seen all of the complex. I'll get more pictures tomorrow when I'm out and about. Let me Introduce our movers :) First, there's our son, Big Un
Then there's Ryan
And now Justin
Oh, and their mascot, Memphis
We enter from here (4-lane very busy road)
The Side street - beautiful private homes as well as very nice duplexes!
My Desk - Where Genius Happens
Mike's Desk - Where Genius Naturally Lives
We have a fireplace!
And a built-in bookshelf!
The Kitchen - we actually have an ice maker in this refrigerator. Our last place was too cheap to install one. Modern cabinets and countertops and an ISLAND! *sigh of happiness*
The Back Door - sliding glass door (with a screen) leading to a private patio.
The Patio Gate leads to a parking area in the back that is incredibly convenient!
Well, that's all for now, folks! I'll show you the bedrooms later (we made one of the bedrooms into our TV room and the "living room" into our office). The master bedroom is a mess so I'll show it later. Oh! Also in the master bedroom, there's another bath with a shower and a separate utility closet that has our washer/dryer hook-up. I'm telling you, when we get another house of our own, the laundry room is going right there in the bedroom with us. SO CONVENIENT! You guys take care!